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Construction & Operation

The provided expellers make use of horizontally rotating metal screw that feeds oil-bearing seeds into a barrel shaped outer casing as well as with perforated walls. It is widely used for extracting oil from ingredients. The offered equipment grinds, crushed and presses the seeds and extract oil from them. The pressure of expeller ruptures the oil from the seeds and oil flows through the perforations in the casing that is collected in a trough underneath. The remaining residue exist after the oil is extracted is known as cake.

Our offered expellers are power-driven, and also have a capability to process up to 300 kg per hour of product. It extracts nearly 90% oil from the seeds. Have the problem of uncertain failure of main shaft, the friction created by the offered product is expressed wears down the worm shaft as well as other internal parts. For the maintenance of an offered oil expeller, we make use of advanced machinery and equipment that are rarely found in small repair shops and local manufacture of expellers. We also provide the maintenance and installation service of the offered expeller in villages and small town level.

The profitability of the businesses includes oil processing, operating costs, depends on reducing the capital as well as maximizing the income at the same time.

Construction: Parts of oil expeller and its description are given as under below

Body: It is manufactured with the usage of highly closed grained casting in order to ensure continued service without any vibration under the stern guidance of highly qualified engineers
Hopper:  It is basically uses as to feed the raw material inside of casing in order to extract the oil. It also controls quantity of seed that is supplied for crushing.
Bed: The earlier models having two stands that is now replaced by a stainless steel fabricated structure. This ensures better alignment of the machine as well as to minimize the vibration. Oil is collected into this structure for avoiding the addition of an extra oil tank.  The chances of variations in thickness of cake are reduced to a minimum.
Main shaft: Main part of the expellers, it carries and provides support to worm gear, cone, collar, cutter, gear etc.
Gears: Manufactured by making use of tested alloy steel for ensuring smooth running of gears and pinions. Induction and oil quenching hardness is given to the offered gears foe ensuring their durability. The offered gears are fitted in oil bath case for hassle free functioning.
Worms: Available in various specifications, it is the important part of modern oil milling.
Bearing: All imported heavy duty bearings, taper bearings, roller bearings and thrust bearing etc.
Chamber Box: It is designed and manufactured using mild steel extra thick plate of 1 1/4 & 1" and is well-suited for assembling the tempered cage bars and frame bars. The pinjra is made using the best quality square bars and its bolts are made with extra heavy nuts that can be easily fitted or removed.
Cone and collar:  Fitted at the end of extraction of oil, it is basically used for maintaining cake thickness. The provided collar has placed after the cone.
Cutter: It is fitted after cone and collar and is extensively used cutting cake.

Operation: Working Principle of Oil Expeller

Consists of a screw and barrel, the provided is ideal for extracting oil from raw materials. The materials are squeezed under high pressure in a single step and propelled by the rotating screw in a direction parallel to the axis. This expeller makes use of friction and continuous pressure from the screw drives in order to move and compress the seed material. Configuration of the screw and shaft in this expeller is done is such a way that the material is progressively compressed as it moves on. By decreasing the clearance between the cage and shaft as well as by reducing the length of the screw flight in the direction of the axial movement, the compression effect can be easily achieved. Increased pressure releases the oil that flows out of the press and collected in the barrel and the press-cake moves in the direction of the shaft.

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